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Awards and Recognition


South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital makes America’s Best 100 Spine Surgery again for the fifth consecutive year.

2019 America’s 100 Best Spine Surgery – South Texas Spine and Surgical Hospital

“To me, the most impressive aspect of receiving these Healthgrades awards again, is the consecutive years of recognition. They reflect ongoing and sustained excellence as a healthcare facility in every aspect of its operations and patient care. Staff and team members, many of whom have been here from the opening of the hospital 15 years ago, will tell you that South Texas Spine and Surgical Hospital has always been this way, and that’s entirely true. There is a passion for taking great care of patients at South Teas Spine and Surgical Hospital that is unsurpassed and unwavering over time. It is a very special place,” stated orthopedic surgeon and hospital partner, Ajeya P. Joshi, M.D.

How its rated:

Better Than Expected–Actual performance was better than predicted and the difference was statistically significant.
As Expected –Actual performance was not statistically significantly different from what was predicted.
 Worse Than Expected–Actual performance was worse than predicted and the difference was statistically significant.

Unlike other hospital quality analyses, Healthgrades evaluates hospital quality for conditions and procedures based solely on clinical outcomes. We measure hospital performance for the most common in-hospital procedures and conditions and adjust for each patient’s risk factors, such as age, gender and medical condition.

Our analysis is based on more than 45 million Medicare medical claims records for the most recent three-year time period available from nearly 4,500 hospitals nationwide.

To see more visit: https://www.healthgrades.com/hospital-directory/texas-tx-southern/south-texas-spine-and-surgical-hospital-hgsta11c28a7450856

Daisy Award

Daisy Award
Daisy Award

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We recognize Dr. Marshall and A Holiday Gift of Mobility!

This Christmas 2017 Operation Walk USA is back again with gifts of mobility. Through Operation Walk USA Dr. Amanda Marshall – Rodriquez, local orthopaedic surgeon, and South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital will donate surgical services to 2 south Texas residents in need of a knee and hip replacement.



We recognize Dr. Harris! With a great interview teaching about the benefits of knee replacement surgery.

With this interview Dr. Harris explains how knee replacements have improved recently, and when a person should look into this surgery. Watch as a patient who sought help from Dr. Harris with his chronic knee pain, expresses his rediscovered abilities to dance and perform his golf swing again.



We recognize Dr. Kuwamura! With two interviews presenting Mobi-C the new cervical disc replacement technology.

With these two interviews with Dr. Kuwamura explains Mobi-C and shows how he joined the effort to help change the life of a midwife that has impacted so many over the years.



Also, see our technology page to learn more about Mobi-C.

We recognize Dr. Marshall and a Holiday Miracle!

KENS 5’s Karen Grace interviewing Dr. Amanda Marshall with San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists at South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital.

In December she performed a FREE total hip replacement surgery through OPERATION WALK USA. It’s a true holiday gift of mobility!