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The New Cervical Disc Technology


In a surgery with the Mobi-C Cervical Disc, the unhealthy disc is removed, but instead of a bone spacer or plastic implant along with a plate and screws, a Mobi-C is implanted into the disc space. Where a fusion procedure is intended to eliminate motion at the surgery levels, the goal of a surgery with Mobi-C is to allow motion at those levels.

Mobi-C was designed by an experienced French surgeon team and first introduced in November of 2004 in Europe. In 2013 it was FDA approved for use in the United States. Since then it has found to be superior to spine fusion by maintaining neck movement and fits entirely within the disc space.

Dr. Kuwamura is now certified, trained and has performed multiple successful surgeries at South Texas Spine Hospital. Watch the interviews bellow of Dr. Kuwamura explaining Mobi-C and changing the life of a midwife loved by the community she helps.