Zachary Beal,

Director of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Services

The pharmacy department at STSSH is dedicated to meeting the pharmaceutical needs of all our patients and clinical staff. Our qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are involved with all aspects of medication management to ensure effective pharmaceutical services and provide medication safety to all our patients. Pharmacists provide day-to-day support to physicians and clinical staff on all medication-related matters.

Services provided by Pharmacy Department:

  • Home Medication Reconciliation
  • Renal Drug Dosing
  • Drug regimen review on all patients
  • Monitoring of potential drug-drug and drug-food interactions
  • Patient medication counseling
  • Development of safe medication protocols
  • Maintain an effective drug formulary to meet hospital needs

Pharmacy Support Hours:

The pharmacy department is open on weekdays from approximately 6:30 am to 6 pm. A Pharmacist is on call at all times when pharmacy personnel is not on-site.