Brittany Diminture, MBA, MSN, RN-BC

Director of Inpatient/ER

Inpatient and Emergency Department

An experienced and knowledgeable team providing safe and high-quality care to post-operative patients. Highly ranked patient satisfaction levels.

  • 30 spacious private patient rooms with tele capability
  •  2 Monitored Care Beds and Emergency Services
  •  Safe Nurse and CNA to-patient ratios
  •  Unit Secretary support day and night
  •  In-house Hospitalists 24/7
  •  Participation in research studies

Most Common Surgical Procedures:

  •  Minimally invasive surgeries
  •  Spinal: Laminectomy, decompression, fusion, and implants
  •  Ortho: Total hip and knee arthroplasty
  •  Plastic Surgery: Augmentation and Repair

General Information:

  •  12-hour shifts: CNA shift start times at 5:45 am/pm, and RN shift start times at 6:45 am/pm
  •  The primary source of admission from the Post Anesthesia Care Unit
  •  Steady-paced unit with an average patient length of stay 2 days
  •  Collaboration with Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Case Management, and other departments

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