Matt Cook, MSN, RN, LSSGB

Quality & Performance Improvement

Matt Cook, MSN, RN,

Director of Quality
210.253.6721 x4180

  • Responsible for compliance with all regulatory
    agencies – JC, CMS and Texas Health and Human
  • Oversee Performance Improvement and Patient
    Safety Initiatives
  • Leads and directs quality improvement activities.
  • Identifies performance improvement opportunities
  • Advance development and implementation of short
    and long-term goals
  • Stratification of data to effectively analyze
    opportunities to reduce errors, identify problem prone
    processes and make decisions for improving clinical
  • Implements improvement strategies utilizing evidence
    -based practices
  • Educates members of the healthcare team on
    performance improvement methodologies
  • Assists with strategic planning and resource utilization
  • Establishes and promotes collaborate and effective
    relationships with physicians, and interdisciplinary
    team members