Mobi-C by Zimmer Biomet

*New Type of Cervical Disc

Cervical Disc Replacement with Mobi-C

In surgery with the Mobi-C Cervical Disc, the unhealthy disc is removed, but instead of a bone spacer or plastic implant along with a plate and screws, a Mobi-C is implanted into the disc space. Where a fusion procedure is intended to eliminate motion at the surgery levels, the goal of surgery with Mobi-C is to allow motion at those levels.

Interview with Dr. Kuwamura on Mobi-C

At a 60 month test trial, Mobi-C demonstrated:

  • Lower rates of adverse events determined to be major complications compared to fusion.
  • Lower rates of adjacent level degeneration compared to fusion.
  • higher Neck Disability Index (NDI) success rate compared to fusion.
  • Amazingly! A mean return to work time 20.9 days shorter than fusion.

Both fusion and Mobi-C artificial disc surgery:

  • Replace the damaged disc.
  • Try to match a healthy disc height to help un-trap any nerves.

Only the Mobi-C implant:

  • Tries to maintain neck movement.
  • Fits entirely within the disc space.

PTP Approach

Meet Dr. Ajeya Joshi.

Dr. Joshi is one of the ONLY surgeons in San Antonio performing this technique on patients. This is a revolutionary approach to a familiar position [surgery, not position]. Prone Trans Psoas (PTP) utilizes a maximally efficient prone (laying face down) position, providing a consistently reproducible approach, minimally invasively, to the front of the spine. This enables the surgeon to achieve powerful alignment and correction of misalignment. Then, without repositioning the patient, the surgeon can continue the spinal surgery on the back of the spine, to relieve stenosis and accomplish other objectives.

PTP is the next step in the evolution of surgery, bringing together the benefits of an MIS (minimally invasive surgery) transpsoas approach with the advantages of an ergonomic prone position, an intuitively superior single-position strategy used to treat a wide range of patient conditions.

“Prone Tran psoas has been a great addition to my spinal care toolbox of surgical strategies offering more versatility, and I am thrilled that it has helped patients experience even better outcomes.” – Ajeya Joshi, M.D.

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